Alzhiemers Association

The organization offers a Savvy Caregiver course describing some of the workings of Alzheimers and how the caregiver can stay a step ahead of the disease progression. Check your area chapter for more information.

Your local Office On Aging

Check with your county listings, because it varies. I attended Care Pathways, a 12-session workshop/support group by the Riverside County (CA) Department On Aging. You should be able to find something in your area.

Footnote: It’s been almost a year since I took the Care Pathways course, but the people in my class still get together every month. It’s become a tight group.

Pretty good educational site, and the support forum is one of my go-to sites for questions and answers. Some experts show up there. Sometimes the conversation gets into woe-is-me territory.

Family Caregiver Alliance

Lots of info I wish I knew coming in. Also has some message boards.

My Twitter caregiving list

If you’re into Twitter, this is a list of sources I’ve compiled for an easier-to-read news stream. This list is always growing; it’s at least 25 sources now. Thank me later.

Purple City Alliance, Riverside CA

The whole idea is to make your town into a dementia-friendly city, also known as painting the town purple. Check to see if your area has something like that going on. If not, why not?