Links R Us: Microwave ovens, cold weather, and exploding food

This microwave keeps things simple, which makes it safer. But I still get nervous.
For obvious reasons Dad doesn’t operate heavy equipment much any more, but he still uses the microwave. A lot. Somebody has to because I seldom use it. But he’ll put his breakfast muffin in the microwave and nuke it, and he does it without too much chaos, blood, or screaming.

Ours is fairly automatic. Just need to hit two buttons – Sensor Defrost and the start button – and hey presto, there’s his breakfast.

Honestly, I get nervous thinking about it. So far he hasn’t put something like his fork in there. But so far, no problem. But as long as he can work that microwave safely, I’m not gonna take that away from him.

From Senior Care Corner, there’s an article on microwave safety. Some of it’s pretty obvious – use microwave-safe dishes, don’t heat your water too hot, inspect the oven every so often, and stand back in case your food explodes.

Exploding food?

Here are some more links from the world of caregiving:

From, a training site, there are some tips for dealing with cold weather. If the caregiver’s freezing, you can bet the care recipient is. While I don’t have to worry about all of this in sunny California, this general list gives me some things to consider. Stock up on consumibles (done). Keep your senior warm (blankets and heaters, anyone?). Make sure transportation needs are met (duh). And plan on what to do if the power bonks out (oops). Senior Care Corner has a more specific list on what to do, including advance planning.

The Alzheimers Site has a quiz for you to find out how much you really know about Alzheimers. I didn’t take the quiz myself because I despise online slideshows and it’s too closely linked to Facebook, but you might find it fun or useful.

That’s all I could think of. Y’all have a good week, and stay frosty. If frosty is the word I want.

Links R Us: Further reading

I picked this up from Ian Kremer (@LEAD_Coalition) on Twitter.

We need all the resources we can get, and the Internet is full of helpful (and not so helpful) articles. Here are a few I grabbed from my weekly reading.

[8 Common Struggles of Late-Stage Alzheimer’s, And How To Help)( I don’t like talking about this, and it’s probably denial talking. For me, it’s a tremor Dad has somehow picked up. Don’t think it’s Parkinson’s, but it bears watching. Some of these, though, aren’t necessarily signs of late stage Alzheimers. Number One, trouble staying mobile, is one. To my knowledge, mobility can be an issue at any time. Still worth a read. (From The Alzheimers Site)

Strengthening Senior Bones to Protect Against Life-Altering Fractures: Always a concern. First things I check when Dad falls are a) did he hit his head, and b) any broken bones. According to this article, calcium and Vitamin D will help a lot. (From Senior Care Corner)

In With the New …: I know. As I write this, many New Years resolutions are already forgotten. This article suggests finding one thing the caregiver can get rid of, and one thing he can acquire. It may be a habit. This article has a lot of New Age feelgood ooo-eee-ooo in it, but I like the general concept. (From

How to Discuss Personal Hygiene with Seniors: Oh boy. I’m not looking forward to this one. From A Place For Mom)

Talk to me: If you find any articles yourself, please share in the comments. Be warned, though. Spam articles and clickbait will be weeded out with extreme prejudice, and the sender just might find himself blocked.