Trying to figure something out …

Journal entry: July 25, 2016

Not a good day for Ole Dad. Cognition: Poor. Had trouble locating all of the components for making breakfast (hint: Milk is in the fridge). Mobility: Poor (where’s a wall when you need one?). All the elements of a lousy day, and that is the new normal around here.

But wait. There’s more, and I’ve never seen it before.

He’s agitated. Like can’t-sit-still agitated. Fidgeting. Either he has to go to the head real bad, or something else.

Now, I’ve heard agitation comes with the dementia package, but so far I haven’t seen it like that. Sure, the wandering-around-the-house part, but never this. So yeah, it’s cause for concern.

This is really not good.

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