I actually have some respite, and I’m bored

Nut graf: Respite means I should be resting, but …

So I’m getting some unscheduled rest. Except …

Dad got sick about a week ago and had to go to the hospital, and he’s now in skilled nursing. At least he’s in the hands of professionals and I get a break, right?

It ain’t necessarily so.

I visit every day, about two or three hours. Just hanging out. He’ll sleep through some of it, and I get to see him get real restless when he’s up. He wants to escape, and he has asked me if the car’s outside. True fact. He gets the separation anxiety when I leave, so I usually wait until he falls asleep or make a show of handing him off to one of the professionals. Kind of like changing of the guard.

Meanwhile, I’m getting some rest. Need it.

  • Doing things around the house. Packed up Mom’s old cookware and loaded it in the garage (still wondering why a person who didn’t cook have a dozen measuring cups).
  • A little bit more running around.
  • Catching up on my reading.
  • Even treated myself to a pizza.

Things like that. Plus I have enough personal irons in the fire; a few projects that I’m working on.

So why am I bored silly?

Breaks in a routine do that to me. I never did vacations well when I was in the work force. After about three-four days I’m ready to go back to the salt mine. Just part of my nature.

I guess this means the caregiving thing has pretty much taken over my life.

Talk to me: Does unscheduled respite disrupt things for you? How do you handle it?