Holidays max out stamina and memories

Christmas with family. It did a number on Dad's stamina.
Christmas with family. It did a number on Dad’s stamina.

Christmas gets stressful for your loved one, and some things aren’t quite the same.

We go easy on Christmas, partly because Dad’s not fully aware of the holiday and partly because Mom’s not around to bug us. Don’t really need to go there; too many memories.

We did have dinner at my cousin’s place, and you could tell he was maxing out on his stamina. He did enjoy himself, though.

This one went without incident. He didn’t fall in the bathroom this time, though we were all watching him like a hawk whenever he got up. Lining him in front of the Christmas tree for a family photo was a little much, especially because he had to go up a step to get to the living room.

Now, home. With a care package of desserts. He’s demolishing that now. Has to regain energy.

How about y’all? How was Christmas for you and your loved one? Please share.