Easy bleeding

From the journal, Aug. 17, 2016:

Dad bonged his arm pretty good on the kitchen cabinet. Looks like it hurts like blue blazes, and he tore the skin big time. Almost a 3-inch rip, and he was bleeding pretty freely. Cleaned it up and stopped the bleeding, but still watching it. Will probably have to go in for stitches, at least.

That’s one of the things I noticed. I guess at that age the skin loses all elasticity and becomes little more than paper. Dad’s gotten a few good dents and dings from falls and stuff, and that’s the usual result. Torn skin. Lots of bleeding. Doesn’t take much for that.

This skin problem came to my attention helping Mom into a wheelchair a couple of years ago. Not even sure what happened and she didn’t even feel it, but she came up bleeding. Again, torn skin. Like paper.

So, reminder to self: Telfa pads. Peroxide. Cotton balls. Tape. Must keep these close at hand; gonna need them a lot.

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